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Would You Leave Your Pet Behind?

See This Family’s Loving Solution!

Every year millions of people go on vacation and leave their pets in kennels.  It’s heart wrenching and painful to hear all the barks of the dogs left behind; and you often feel very guilty thinking looking at those sad puppy eyes!

While it’s wonderful to head out on vacation; leaving a family pet behind can be heart wrenching.  Not only because you know how much you will miss them, but because you know they will be alone in an unfamiliar environment.  They have no idea where you’ve gone, when you will be back, or even IF you will be back!

dog kennel

A typical dog kennel

What would you do?  Would you leave your pet behind?

This family was leaving on a vacation to Thailand and were heart broken knowing he had never been away from them before and how lonely he would be.

Dad came up with a great solution…check it out!   This is, indeed, a love story!

(ps especially wait for 2:15 – it’s beautiful!)