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Have You Seen This? Rare White Whale

So Beautiful!

Just how rare is a white whale?  Well, really friggin’ rare!  In 1991 a white humpback male was first spotted off the coast of Australia.  He was named “Migaloo”  and was the only  white humpback known to exist.  Since then two other white humpbacks have been spotted.  One has been dubbed “Migaloo Junior” or “the son of Migaloo” in the assumption that it may be his offspring. The other is white with black spots on its tail.  No-one knows for sure if they are related.

Experts believe this is likely Migaloo junior as this one is smaller and doesn’t appear to have the boat scars Migaloo received in 2003.  It is a rare fluke (ha ha) of nature for an animal to be white, or albino.  But there are creatures from seahorses to racehorses and yes, even zebras, squirrels and killer whales that are albino.

See this incredibly beautiful footage below of the white humpback whale.

Migaloo, a name giving by Aboriginal Elders that means “white fella,” is one member of a rare group of white whales that have been spotted swimming in Australian waters.


Source:  Youtube: Mashable