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Go Glamping With Amphibious Caravan!

It’s a boat, it’s a caravan, it’s a little radical!

Have you ever thought, as you sat beside your campground…”I sure wish I’d brought a boat!”, or “I sure wish I could go fishing!”, or “Gosh the campground is flooding I wish my tent would float…” or even…” I wonder what’s on the other side of the lake?”  Well now you can explore all those options with this fabulous new amphibious caravan.

sealander on road

The Sealander will go with you on all your travels. On land it is your refuge, your bed-chamber and galley. On water, it becomes a bathing platform, pleasure boat and oasis of calm.  The transition from land to water flows smoothly. A small number of adjustments transforms the caravan into a yacht.


sealander sunset water

With the sunroof off you can soak up the rays and drift to your heart’s content as you are no longer bound by the shore.  At sunset, and when the sunroof is closed the Sealander becomes a safe haven sheltering you from wind and weather.

The Sealander is a caravan and yacht in one. The high quality and aesthetics of boat-building are combined with the flexibility of a mobile home. Its dynamic and modern design expresses lightness and agility. For your perfect day out in every environment.  The interior combines modern stainless steel and plastic with traditional wood and leather to create a unique design language.   It is a sleek and lovely design, and honestly, I would really enjoy this.  How about you?

sealander on land

Some people do not like to get down and dirty when out in the wilderness and for people like that new glamping innovations have been made. In this video we get a look at an incredible amphibious caravan. German designer Daniel Straub wanted to give campers the ultimate freedom on land and water so he invented the Sealander. The 380kg caravan has a waterproof chassis constructed from fiber glass and reinforced plastic. Powered by an electric motor this van is capable of powering through the water at speeds up to 9kph!


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Source:  www.sealander.de