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Affordable Countries For Budget Travellers

Your Dollar Goes a Long Way Here!

I know you, you love to travel but you don’t like to waste money.  Why pay $25 for a meal when you can pay $1?  Why pay $50 for a taxi when you can pay $8.  But more than that, why go to the countries everyone else goes to (and spends all their money!)  when you can go somewhere new, interesting, exciting, and a little more off the beaten track?  Budget travellers are looking for affordable countries to travel in..and those countries can be pretty exciting!

So, just for you…(and thanks to the folks at Buzzfeed) we highlight some of the best, beautiful, and most inexpensive countries in the world where you can go, have an amazing time, and not break the bank.  Tell us which ones intrigue you the most!  And let us know when you’ve booked your ticket!

1. Cambodia

travel cambodia

Skouatroulio / Getty Images

Cambodia is a staple go-to for budget travelers. You can see the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat (above), go diving on the cheap, and hit up any of the country’s beautiful, sparkly pristine beaches — and it’s all so affordable.  Sneak peek: A restaurant meal is rarely over $5, and beer starts at — wait for it — just 25 cents!


2. Laos

travel laos

Itman 47 / Getty Images

Laos is a Southeast Asian country known very much for its beautiful mountains, Buddhist monasteries, and “tubing parties,” where you basically float down a river and stop at tons of bars and “happy” restaurants along the way. So, of course, be responsible! You can get a room for about $10 to $30 a night (depending on how fancy you go), and you can get street food (like plates of sticky rice) for about $1.


 3. Bulgaria (or, really, anywhere in Eastern Europe)

travel bulgaria

You may think that Europe is generally more expensive than, say, Southeast Asia and Central America. And, generally speaking, you’d be right — except that Eastern Europe is actually much cheaper than its western cousins. In Bulgaria, for example, you can get an entire liter of beer (32 ounces) for $1.50.


4. Nicaragua

travel nicaragua

Mikeblue / Getty Images

Many people say Nicaragua is the new Costa Rica, which basically means that it’s getting to be an increasingly popular Central American destination. So get there while it’s still on the rise! Bonus: You won’t have to pay much once you arrive. The country is known for all of its high-adventure outdoor activities, particularly surfing — so do it up on the cheap. And you can get a dorm bed for as little as $5.

5. Guatemala

travel guatemala

Soft_light / Getty Images

Those waterfalls are as beautiful as they look. This country is known for its gorgeous outdoor landscapes, as well as its cool arts-and-crafts handiwork. You can find tons of cool wooden sculptures and knickknacks in the weekend markets. It’s all affordable, too: A good meal, for instance, is roughly $3, and everything else is similarly budget-friendly.


6. Peru

travel peru

Stockphoto24 / Getty Images

Whatever you do, please, please put Machu Picchu on your travel bucket list. It is one of the coolest and most magical structures in the world. And the other parts of Peru are equally stunning — not to mention affordable. A taxi all around Lima, for instance, is about $7 (25 Peruvian nuevo). *Dances around apartment in joy*


7. Vietnam

travel vietnam

Cristaltran / Getty Images

In a sentence, Vietnam is just stunning. That’s Ha Long Bay above, a 600-mile turquoise bay filled with huge limestone islands, and there are many more just-as-beautiful views around the country. It’s affordable, too. Hint: You can get your favorite Vietnamese dish, which you WILL learn to pronounce correctly, for about $1, or 22,000 Vietnamese dong.

Other countries that are really cost effective include China, Honduras, India, and Nepal. For further information, or the read the original article click here.

Source:  Buzz Feed: 13 Affordable Countries That are Perfect for Budget Travellers